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How to Get Google Traffic, Awesome SEO roadmap

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How to get google traffic? There are several possible answers to this question. Some of them are free of charge, others will cost you. I will present to you an SEO roadmap on how to get google traffic for free, in this article. Once, when you learn these steps there are no limits for your traffic.

Generally, you can get traffic on your website or blog on many different ways:

  • Paid services, campaign, advesterments.
  • Traffic from social networks.
  • Traffic from Forums, Q&A platforms.
  • Get google traffic for free (organic traffic).

I will focus on the last but not least powerful way to get traffic: “Get google traffic for free (organic traffic)”. If you want to get organic traffic from google you need to know the SEO procedure or SEO roadmap how to do that, step by step.

3 Steps of SEO roadmap

  1. Keyword research.
  2. On-Page SEO.
  3. Off-Page SEO.

Keyword Research

Remember, never and again I say, never, write any article before knowing the article’s title. Most common beginner’s mistake is to write an article without a title. If you write an article first and then try to make a good title for the article, in most cases the result will not be good at all.

Your first step, before beginning writing an article, must be Keyword Research. Keyword Research means that you must find keyword phrases with good monthly search value and at the same time low ranking difficulty and if it is possible with low paid competition. For example: we want to write an article about Forex trading strategies. Let’s type in google search bar: “Forex trading strategies”. The typed phrase is our Keyword or Keyword phrase.

You have to consider what language you are using. If your site is in the English language the best solution for keyword research is to start with Google USA site.

So, I will type Google USA i google search bar and click on the first result:

Get traffic from google usa.

Then, I type my initial keyword my start keyword: “Forex trading strategies”.

Keyword search google

Keyword research tools

While I am typing, google shows me a list of ten or more suggestions closely connected with my keyword typed in google’s search bar. I can take some of those suggested phrases as my possible keywords. My initial keyword obviously is not a good choice because there is a lot of paid competition. Paid ads are marked with Ad prefix. As more Ad marked hits on the first search result page, as worst my initial keyword is.

You can find a lot of tools all over the internet that help you to choose the right keyword or key phrase. One of them is a Keyword Research tool. It is a completely free tool, just sign in or log in if you have an account already. Enter a Keyword or Key Phrase, choose Country and Language and enable Deep Search.

I will type my initial Keyword = forex trading strategies.

Use online tools for Keyword research in course to get traffic from google

After clicking on the Search button I got the results divided in two parts.

  1. Target Keyword Result
  2. Related Keyword Search Data
Keyword research first step.

Monthly search volume of 8000 views per month is quite a good result. That means that a lot of people are searching for our initial keyword. Paid competition, or in other words Ads, give me bad results. Paid competition must be Low or N/A. We will skip CPC for now. SEP Difficulty shows me how difficult it is to over rank competition in google search engine. All results below 50 are good. SEO Difficulty of 61 is not so good but at the same time is not bad at all. At the and my initial Keyword “forex trading strategies” is not so good to use it as keyword for my article. So, let’s see what Keyword Research Tool suggests to me how to improve keyword phrases. The suggested keywords are shown in the next table.

Keyword suggestions from research tool.

Keyword criteria

I will try to find one or more keywords related to my initial idea with Monthly volume above 100 or better 1000 and with Low paid competition, I choose keyword “forex trading strategies pdf free download”.

How to get google traffic by multiple iteration title generate.

I picked just one keyword just as an example. In real case study is better to choose more than one keyword in this step.

The chosen keyword “forex trading strategies pdf free download” is good keyword because:

  • It is very close to my initial keyword idea. Origin of the keyword is the same with pdf free download as addition. For me it is not a problem to offer my article as a pdf file free for download.
  • Monthly Volume is 480 searches per month is relatively low but still enough for google ranking.
  • Paid competition is marked as Low.
  • Keyword “forex trading strategies pdf free download” is long tail keyword. Long tail keywords are always better for small sites than short keywords. Because shorter keywords have a lot of paid or big companies competition. 
  • And finally keywords are ranked on Google and Youtube which is great.

Now I have a new keyword “forex trading strategies pdf free download”. The keyword looks pretty good for my new blog article. But, I will take it one step further. Let’s type a new keyword in google search again.

Check long tail keyword before use it.

Check is my keyword good enough

Great search result. For the keyword “forex trading strategies pdf free download”, there is now any competition. If we look at the first page of google search results, there is no listed web site with exactly the keyword in title. At the same time there is no paid competition, there are no Ads in top ten results.

You can go one step further if you want. For example, you can use Google Keyword Planner tool to check if your chosen keyword has a low competition. We already check paid competition, but Google Keyword Planner will show you organic competition. As competition is lower the keyword is better.

I will take “forex trading strategies pdf free download” for my blog article keyword. But, in most cases chosen keywords can not be directly used as article titles. It will be necessary to modify it according to some SEO tool suggestion. What SEO tool you will use depends on your choice. There are a lot of SEO tools for title optimization and for on page SEO optimization on the internet.

Normally, steps shown above can be different. You can use some other tools and search engines, but a roadmap is the most important.

How to get Google Traffic: On – Page SEO

When we choose our keyword we can start to write an article. First step is to write a good and SEO optimized title. Luckily, there are a lot of SEO tools on the internet that we can use to generate and optimize article’s title. One of them is the MonsterInsights plugin for WordPress.

Use MonsterInsights for best google traffic results

The main role of MonsterInsights is to make connections between your WordPress site and Google Analytics but it has one additional tool which helps us to optimize our article’s title. Let’s make a new article (blog post).

On Page SEO: pick the best title for your post

In the top right corner you can see a green field with score 62/100. This score shows us that our keyword used as a title has a 62 point vs maximum 100. That score is not bad at all, but it can be much better. The MonsterInsights plugin has a lot of options which will help you to improve your title. The good result according to MonsterInsights is between 40 and 60, but for the best result you have to hit a score more than 70.

For more information about On-Page SEO optimization you can find here.After you optimize your title you can start with article writing. Always keep on your mind all On-Page SEO postulates described in On Page SEO: 10 Essential Steps, Easy to Implement article.

How to get Google Traffic: Off – Page SEO

Off page SEO is all technical steps that you can do on your site or outside of your site, but not on the pages, which improve your click rate and organic traffic by google search engine. There are a lot things what you can do, but most important are:

  • Install SSL security certificate for your website. Nobody wants to use unsecured content on the internet. SSL certificate, or https internet protocol is the secure insurance for your visitors.
  • Always use only one version of your site. There are two options of your site name: with “www: or without”www “. There is no difference between those two options, but it is crucial to decide what name you will use. Do not mix these two, use only one, with or without “www”.
  • Configure permalinks of your articles, as simple as possible but still informative about your article content. Google search engine “like” simple and informative permalinks.
  • Connect your website with Google Analytics. You will need the MonsterInsights plugin installed on your WordPress to do that. Google Analytics is a great tool for traffic tracking and traffic analytics.
  • Adding your website to the Google Search Engine. Google will index your website no meter if you are informed about your site or not. But, without adding a website to the Google Search engine, this procedure will take much more time, months or even years.
  • Adding your website to other search engines for example: Microsoft Bing and Yandex (Russian Search Engine).
  • Promote your website on social networks, forums, Q&A sites, Youtube, …
  • Check if your website is mobile friendly. Most WordPress themes are mobile friendly by default, but check it in any case.
  • Adding social networks sharing buttons on your blog posts. Because, how can you expect somebody will share your article if you like it, if you do not offer him share buttons. There are a lot of plugins for that purpose e.g. Sassy Social Share for WordPress.
  • Be sure that you have internal and external links in your articles. Internal links are links between articles on your site. External links are even more important. If you have eternal links to other outside authority sites or the most important if you have external links which lead from external sites to your articles, that is the goal.

More about Off-Page SEO optimization you can see in the article: How to bust traffic [ 9 Steps Technical SEO Checklist ].

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